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Our lead generation services offer proven ROI. We specialize in the seniors demographic
and offer fully compliant leads in several different verticals.

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Find Reliable Senior Citizen Leads

Finding the right leads is critical to every business. If your business caters to senior citizens, it is still essential to find reliable leads that are more likely to convert into sales. Senior citizens need a wide variety of services, and our company talks to 3000-5000 seniors every day. Our online lead generation services at IPS Leads will provide you with the best leads for your needs so you can increase your chances of making a sale. We collect insurance, mortgage and other leads so you don't have to.

Medical Needs

Senior citizens have greater medical needs than the average citizen. We strive to help you reach out to the individuals who are most likely to need your services, making it easier for you to convert sales. When you sign up with our service, we will help you gain:

  • Diabetic Supply Leads
  • Life Alert Leads
  • Medicare Supplement Leads

We are your source for health insurance lead generation. Our hot transfer leads allow our customers to talk directly to the senior citizen interested in your product. Whether you sell diabetic supplies, health insurance or other services, we can help deliver you qualified customers.

Mortgage Leads

Our company generates mortgage leads in all fifty states. In addition to generating traditional mortgage leads, IPS also specializes in generating highly, qualified reverse mortgage leads. These are people who have equity in their homes and are looking to pull out cash. reverse mortgage leads.

Why Choose IPS Leads?

Finding quality compliant leads that work is crucial to your success. Tap our years of expertise and extensive network to reach new customers so that you can sell smarter and faster. IPS Leads provides:

  • Exclusive Lead Generation (Online & Offline)
  • Custom, Targeted Prospect Data Sales
  • Internet Marketing Campaign Management

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